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I Do Weddings performs a multitude of services for each wedding. There are also services which we help you in locating.
Jumping The Broom:
A couple jumps over a decorated broom together that is placed on the floor in front of them.

Tie the Knot
When two people get married, they "tie the knot" by wrapping two pieces of rope around each other and make a promise that they will stay together.

Gift for parents

Family Unity

Unity Candle

The Sweetheart Chapel:
A private, intimate room, tastefully decorated with lovely floral arrangements and wicker. Here you can be married in as little as twenty minutes, if you wish. Just the two of you or as many as six guests. As formal or as informal as you like.

Unity Chapel:
A smaller version of our Garden Chapel. The Unity Chapel offers most of the same amenities as our Garden Chapel, but is limited to no more than twenty guests in addition to the Bride and Groom, Best Man, Maid of Honor and Minister.

The Garden Chapel:
Although indoors, we have endeavored to capture the essence of a country garden setting. With its gleaming white lattice gazebo, wisteria vines, greenery and colorful floral bouquets, it is the ideal all-weather setting. In this chapel, you can walk down the aisle accompanied by the traditional wedding march with as many as 170 guests on hand to share your special day. For more formal occasions, dressing rooms are available for both the bride and groom.

Both the Unity Chapel and the Garden Chapel feature the lighting of the Unity Candle as a part of the service.

We will have a Photographer available for your convenience.

Video Services are available if you are interested. Video can be taken of the whole wedding, or from any point, to any point you like. CALL FOR DETAILS!.

With several companies & designs to choose from, and a fast turnaround of 7 working days, you can't go wrong with I Do Weddings!

Excellent, Quality Limousines @ reasonable prices!

Reception Halls

Music Services:
(DJ, Small Bands, Mariachi): DJ's, Small Bands, Mariachi musicians, & Bilingual Wedding Singers. We can find the music you want to make your wedding special!

(foods, Cakes): Cakes, food, drinks. Catering for your wedding. Services are available to help you plan just what you require.

Rings, Pillows, & Bible

Marriage Counseling:
We provide Pre-Marital Counseling for underage applicants, as required by law.

Marriage License:
We are authorized by the County Of Riverside to issue confidential Marriage Licenses. - Call for details.

We perform Ceremonies in English or Spanish Non-Religious Ceremonies Recognition under God for children's Ceremonies Non-denominational
Wedding Locations:

In The Hospital and in "Emergency Situations"

At your house, Halls, Country Clubs, Churches... while we can't promise any venue to be available for your wedding, we can promise that our services will meet your standards!

We perform Ceremonies on Holidays: Christmas, New Years, 4th Of july, Thanksgiving, & weekend days.

We issue a marriage licenses: we are authorized by the County Of Riverside to issue confidential marriage licenses. -Call for details.

Come talk to us - we will help you!

Call for details!

We are happy to assist our Clients in finding Reception Facilities & other services.

NOTE: I Do Weddings reserves the right to contract out any part of services above to a company I Do Weddings deems adequate to get the wedding complete.

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